Tips For Social Intranet

I attended the International Association of Business Communicators NC Triangle chapter event, How To Increase Collaboration and Networking on Your Social Internet Through Use of Video and Blogging, with presenter Laura Grover of Quintiles.

From a Horizon perspective, we know that how our Clients use digital media (video and animations for example) is a critical part of our project planning and development.  Staying abreast of the challenges and delivery platforms ensures the Horizon team understands our Client’s digital media needs.

From a personal perspective, due to my previous experience running Sharepoint project and Team Sites, I was very interested in how Laura’s team used this Microsoft collaboration tool within a truly distributed, global organization. 

As expected, the IABC and Laura provided a wonderful session with active discussion and sharing of lessons learned. A small sample of the tips and topics:

General Intranet

  • The customization used in this Intranet gives each employee a personalized experience while supporting a shared corporate culture; that combination of both personal and global is accomplished through planning, testing, and listening to the needs of the target audience.
  • Photo of the day, blogs, and video posts are just some of the features included; each has its own place within the intranet while being part of the full experience.

Intranet Blog Tips

  • Role agnostic – a person’s work title does not play into their blog posts or functionality
  • Update often –people’s investment and trust of information relates to timeliness of posts
  • Keep personal – a blog should reflect the “voice” of the author even in a corporate setting
  • Allow comments and sharing – build community and support collaboration

The group also discussed the relationship of Social Media Policy and intranet; how to “wrangle” team/project intranets with a larger global intranet; and governing (or not) employee posts within an intranet.

My thanks to David MacDonald, Lisa Arney, and the entire IABC NC Triangle board for arranging for a great session. And of course, a big thanks to Laura Grover for sharing her time and experience to benefit other business communicators.


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