ThinkPad TLC

Behind-the-scenes video production is always a challenge and a blast. Most business environments are not set up to roll in a full video production worth of crew and gear.  And of course, you need to get the shots without interrupting the normal flow of work. But being able to capture the action in the context of that business environment is always a great storytelling asset.

When Horizon’s crew worked with the Lenovo Transition Services team to create a new customer education video, we got to go behind-the-scenes at Lenovo facilities in RTP, Whitsett, and Morrisville, NC to see first-hand how Transition Service works. We also got to meet many Lenovo team members who helped both off-screen and on-screen.

Lenovo provided additional footage representing both Chinese and Mexican facilities.  The international aspect of the footage is reflective of today's business world - bringing together expertise from across the world to create and support new products.




Careful planning before production ensured needed access to facilities, the availability of Lenovo team members, and having the needed footage to support the script. You can watch two of the Horizon produced videos in contact at the Lenovo Transition Services web page

We thank the Lenovo Transition Services team for the opportunity to collaborate with them!

Megan R. Bell, MPM, PMP
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