Redefining Reality

At Horizon, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our favorite new medium – virtual reality.

Jason Cooper and Jason McGuigan shared our most recent Horizon VR magic in London at NXT BLD, a conference focused on technology innovation in the AEC industry.

Attendees visiting Lenovo’s booth were captivated by our latest immersive event, virtually touring Amsterdam and walking across the world’s first-ever, 3D-printed steel bridge. They even get to see and use their feet in VR as part of this IOT and AI customer story.

The experience allows you to splash around in the canal, while sunlight sparkles on the water and ducks swim by. You can build 3D objects with your own robot arm and toss them around in this virtual world. You can perch on a balcony overlooking the canal- or navigate to an alley where you get to test your virtual bowling skills!

This experience is enormously entertaining and showcases the impressive skills of Horizon’s team of VR creators.

From left to right: John Andersen, Chingyao Chou, Giff Ransom, Jason McGuigan, Jonas Monanteras, Simon Lavit, Jason Cooper and Mark Desilets.

Beyond being entertaining, VR allows people to visit places that they could not otherwise go and to experience technologies that are still under development.

For example, in 2018, MX3D will be adding a smart sensor network to their revolutionary, first-of-its-kind 3D printed steel bridge.

These IOT enabled devices will gather critical information on the bridge’s health, will monitor changes over it’s lifespan, and – by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence – will be able to inform future generative design improvements.

We allow you to experience this first hand – with every step you take on the virtual bridge tracking, analyzing and informing an AI 'digital twin' where you can see the data being transferred from the smart sensor technology in this real-time VR environment.

This is just one example of how VR is a game changer for clients who have a product, process or technology that can best be appreciated and understood by experiencing it.

We’ve taken clinical trial patients inside the human body to better understand the impact of treatments, transported trade show attendees beneath the ocean’s surface to experience the effects of climate change on reef ecosystems, and carried people on a journey through the ‘cloud’ to see how information flows and shapes business decisions across a variety of industries. Immersive experiences are perhaps the most powerful communication medium available right now, and we have many more VR projects in development.

Horizon recently used our Yi Halo camera, which allows us to shoot 3D 360° video as part of our partnership with Google VR, to film a data center inside a 19th Century chapel in Barcelona. Once again, we’re making amazing places, things, and ideas accessible for our clients.

The possibilities seem virtually endless!