Public Health Training Modules

The Center for Training and Research Translation (“Center TRT”) was created to address the gap between public health research and practice. As noted on their site,

“Center TRT is based in the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the Prevention Research Centers supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Center TRT was initially funded in October of 2004 by the CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Prevention (DNPAO).” 


Horizon Productions was the selected e-Learning content developer for three Center TRT projects. 

For each module, the Center TRT team and subject matter experts completed content research and development to create the foundation of the course. Horizon’s Instructional Designers and Media Developers collaborated with the Center TRT to write the scripts that included the narration copy, visual notes, and assessment content. Thanks to the dedicated work of the Center TRT project leads, the scripts underwent advisory panel and focus group review to ensure their accuracy. The script content was also carefully reviewed by Horizon’s Instructional Designers to ensure alignment with the course learning objectives.


















With the approved script, the course media development began. Horizon used a standard development software that included the required SCORM-compliant features for learner assessment activities.  Each of the three courses has custom visual elements including iconography, stock photos, and custom imagery. For all of the courses, the draft working versions of the media files were provided to Center TRT for review and feedback.  The completed files were then uploaded by the Center TRT into their selected third-party Learning Management System. All Public Health practitioners are invited to register for free access to Center TRT online training modules.

The three e-learning course projects  - Nutrition and Health, RE-AIM, and Center TRT Evaluation Framework – demonstrate Center TR’s and Horizon’s dedication to open project communications and creative collaboration. Medical, scientific, and policy data was carefully organized and expertly reviewed specifically for elearning formats.  The courses are available in an online course format to benefit our nation’s public health professionals.














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Our thanks to our friends at the Center TRT.  We are honored to have contributed to the launch of three important educational resources for our nation’s public health practitioners.



Megan R. Bell, MPM, PMP
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