On-Location: Highs and Lows

Safety is an important value no matter your work environment, and even more so where there are manufacturing settings and materials.  And in work settings with hundreds of people, communicating safe work habits and procedures is critical – and can save lives.

Joe climbed the highest heights to create the perfect shot showing how stored materials should not interfere with overhead sprinkler systems.  The rest of the crew used monitors below to help perfect the angle and make sure that the footage aligned with the shot list and approved script.

Can you find Joe in this photo? 














On another day, our Joe and Bill (part of the Horizon video crew that day), completed several takes with kind employee volunteers demonstrating safe evacuation procedures.  Takes included footage of employees leaving the building, footage of employees gathering at pre-determined rally points, and footage of employees staying in groups to make sure no one was left behind.  In this “behind the scene” moment, Joe and Bill are recording an angle to use for the later final edit with a ground-level perspective.






This production – titled, “Safety, Ergonomics, and Emergency Response Training” – will be used by the client as part of face-to-face internal training programs.  The videos are part of a larger training solution developed by Horizon incorporating PowerPoint slides, narration, custom graphics, still photography, and custom video.  Horizon has created other safety training materials for other corporate clients, that have ranged from complete online solutions to hybrid solutions with both face-to-face and online components. 

No matter where you work, be safe!