Octocopter Preview

Horizon is collaborating with Goodtree & Co. on the upcoming documentary, “Because No One Else Would” for our friends at American Tobacco. The documentary is the second collaboration with these partners, and Horizon is proud to be part of the growth and excitement of this part of Durham’s history. 2014 is in fact the 10th anniversary of what we now think of as American Tobacco Campus, but it is really a story 120 years in the making.

Horizon and Goodtree & Company have worked together to capture interviews with those people whose hard work and faith lead to the launch and success of the modern American Tobacco Campus. Our thanks to all who have come to the campus to participate in the video interview sessions. But you can’t have a documentary about American Tobacco without seeing the campus and many facilities.

Horizon turned to HeliCam Aerial Media Services to capture unique footage using their super cool “octocopter.” Check out this fun preview video from Goodtree & Company showing the Helicam capturing beautiful night footage of Durham’s American Tobacco Campus. 



The “Because No One Else Would” documentary debuts in September with details coming soon. Meantime, check out the full event details at the American Tobacco 10th Anniversary celebration news page.