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We need a new roof on our house, so I went to Angie’s List to read reviews on the various roofing vendors in the Raleigh/Cary area. As I read through the reviews of one particular group,I’ll call them XYZ Roofers, I noticed someone commented that XYZ Roofers was “not the cheapest” group who gave them a bid and that they went with the lowest priced vendor.

XYZ Roofers actually responded to this reviewer’s comment. In a nutshell, XYZ Roofers said the homeowner asked them to quote on cedar shingles, which were not only costly, but difficult to install. He went on to add that his team uses only industry certified cedar shingles and that his installers have lots of experience installing them. Because of these two things, their estimates tend to be higher than others who do not have the same level of experience or provide the same quality of product.

This discussion resonated with me.  As a provider of professional video, audio and web services, we sometimes hear “your quote was higher” from potential clients.

Why? Because chances are, Horizon is not going to be the lowest estimate. The value of what we bring is far more than just about price.

Many folks claim they can shoot and edit video. But, that doesn’t mean they are qualified to create a compelling message. (I have a set of very expensive cutting knives in my kitchen and they don’t make me an award-winning chef.)

When you hire Horizon, you get a lot.

For one, your get your own award winning creative team with lots of experience in producing, directing, writing, video/audio recording, editing, graphics, animations, sound design, and web programming.

Horizon is a preferred vendor to companies like Eaton Corporation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, GSK and IBM. We were carefully vetted to obtain that elite status and
that means we are financially sound and deemed excellent in providing our services.

Horizon understands there is only so much time in the day to get things done, and we work hard and smart to make sure we capture everything that is needed; on time and on budget. We also know how to work through the obstacles (there always are some), to make sure you get a quality product and have an excellent customer experience.

So, when it comes to the price behind a video, audio or web project, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”. What may seem like a great price, may mean you end up with a less than professional product, or worse, no product at all.

Know what you are buying and get what you need the first time. Horizon gives you peace of mind, creativity and experience. What price can you place on that?

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