Meet the Team: Jason Cooper

Horizon creates one-of-a-kind amazing products for its clients, but who are the masterminds behind everything you see (and hear)? Throughout the coming weeks we will be showcasing the Horizon team members so you can get to know us better.


Jason (AKA 'Coop'):

Jason Cooper is the Director of Multimedia at Horizon and was our first of many Jasons (even though his name is really James). He came to Horizon in 2006 from UNC where he was teaching design and working on an international award-winning, interactive education project on Genomics. He led the way on evolving "Horizon Video Productions" into the full service production company it is today. He is a part of the Executive Leadership Team, handles business development and sales, and oversees the design and development of Horizon's web and digital projects.

Personal Motto or Mantra:

"It's all good."

Favorite Book:


Favorite Movie:

Shawshank Redemption, Monster Squad, Se7en, Fight Club

Favorite TV Show:

The Wire

Favorite Celebrity:

Dean Smith

Favorite Project You've Worked On At Horizon:

The Docs : Animated Motion Graphic Novel

Favorite Item On Your Desk:

"Intergalactic Office Basketball Champion" trophy and the pictures of my family. 

Favorite Song:

'Organ Donor' by DJ Shadow; 'Intro' by The xx; 'Pony' by Ginuwine