Meet Jonas Monanteras

Meet Jonas Monanteras

When a “kudos” e-mail circulates the office and in under 24 hours every employee chimes in to praise the quick-witted and promising Spring intern-promoted-to-Junior Programmer, you know you are dealing with a wunderkind. At Horizon, he goes by Jonas Monanteras. 

A Kentucky native, Jonas has lived in Durham since age 14, where he and his sister were homeschooled by their mom, while his dad worked 2 jobs to make it all possible. When it was time to head off to college, Jonas toyed with the idea of accounting and quickly realized he didn’t want to spend his career crunching numbers.  Instead, he decided to pursue something he was truly passionate about:  video games. And, wow… are we grateful he shifted gears!  

Jonas majored in Simulation and Game Design at William Peace University and, in true “Jonas the Great” fashion, graduated Valedictorian this past Spring. He credits his family for his work ethic and character.  Jonas is also a proud and strong person of faith, who lives by his creed and devotion to God. In his spare time, Jonas loves to play video games, run, and spend time with his family. Fun fact: Jonas likes to tickle the ivories and has been playing piano for several years. He and his father, a guitarist, jam out as often as they can. 

As Horizon’s Spring 2018 intern, Jonas’ quickly impressed us with his creativity, talent, and desire to learn. In May, we promoted him to Junior Programmer, working hand-in-hand with senior staff to create and build innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. 

Since then, Jonas has taken on major responsibilities for some of our biggest VR projects.  One of his favorite things about AR/VR is helping take projects from inception to a fully-immersive experience. 

Jonas is truly an asset to our growing family and shows extreme promise to grow with our team as the VR/AR world continues to break new ground. We are thrilled to introduce him to our clients (and we have a long string of emails to prove it!)