Meet David Puckett our Producer, Director, Editor

Meet David Puckett our Producer, Director, Editor

Durham native David Puckett began to feel the magnetic pull of stories at an early age.  From the magical eccentricity of Willy Wonka to the emotional suspense of To Kill a Mockingbird, great movies left an indelible imprint on Horizon’s new producer - and made him want to tell stories of his own.

David started in the world of print journalism, working as a student reporter for the ECU school newspaper.  He graduated in 2008 with a Communications Degree, and while the world learned how to navigate a recession, David learned how to shoot and edit videos armed with a DSLR camera, a laptop, and the determination to leverage his new skill set in a tough job market.  

He soon landed a role producing marketing videos for Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, and traveled the world interviewing and filming academically gifted children from North America to India.  During this time, David also studied documentary filmmaking at the Center for Documentary Studies, and won an award for best short historical documentary at the Longleaf Film Festival. His film, Clyde’s Place, tells the story of colorful characters making music together at a ‘bluegrass barn’ in Carthage, NC – you can catch it here:

David also did a stint working in the agency environment, globe-trotting to direct crews in places like China, Denmark and Canada, creating marketing videos for IBM and other major enterprises. 

We love that David brings his documentarian’s eye to Horizon.  When he’s not playing guitar, enjoying sports or reading, David says, “I love to help others find and tell their own story in the best visual way possible.”

Horizon’s clients are already giving David Puckett rave reviews, and so are we!  

Great stories – and great story-tellers -make us who we are.