Lenovo Transition Services - video debut

The Lenovo YouTube Channel has a new entry (produced by Horizon) following the positive response to the video at a recent company sales team event.  Horizion's creative team is proud of this great collaboration with the Lenovo Services team to create the new "Transitional Services" overview video for use in both training and marketing efforts.

The services themselves have a strong history at Lenovo, but the team needed a new video that could accurately and quickly summarize the many benefits of Transition Services.  In addition to publishing on the official Lenovo YouTube Channel, the video has been made available to sales teams for use with their clients. 

The Transition Services video combines new footage shot by Horizon's video team at the Lenovo facilities in Whitsett and Morrisville, NC, with additional footage provided by the Client representing both Chinese and Mexican facilities.  The international aspect of the footage is reflective of today's business world - bringing together expertise from across the world to create and support new products.

Check out the full piece on the Lenovo YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUNi2niVk_4&feature=youtu.be.