Horizon Helps | Beautify Nash Square Park

Recently, my Horizon colleagues and I volunteered for the Parks & Recreation Department of Raleigh and planted the flowers at Nash Square Park.  This is part of our Horizon Helps initiative – Horizon employees choose a cause that is near and dear and mobilize a small band to volunteer for the cause. I enjoy participating in Horizon Helps.  It is my opportunity to give back to the community that has welcomed me and given me the opportunity to establish my career since I first moved from Japan.  The recent transformation around downtown Raleigh is remarkable.  More and more people are now living in downtown, and new shops and restaurants are popping up everyday. This was not the case just 10 years ago. We planted variety of flowers at the park.  Hopefully they will entertain the visitors and make them smile and feel happy!

Thanks to Cindy TrumbowerMike Gagliano and the other staff who works for Raleigh's Parks and Rec Department. Even though we only worked a few hours that day, these people work hard everyday to create the beautiful, welcoming city in which we live, work and enjoy!

Enjoy all of the photos in the Horizon Facebook page, with some highlights below.