Horizon (and a beach chair) help Duke students say “thanks”

Horizon (and a beach chair) help Duke students say “thanks”

Duke University.

5 NCAA Basketball Championships.

Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Cameron Crazies.

11 Nobel Prize Laureates. 

The iconic Duke Chapel and Gothic-style academic buildings. 

Duke is an institution with no shortage of accolades and achievements.  With so much to "brag" about, there's a real art to creating a video that thanks the donors who've helped make it all possible.  

The message has to resonate with nearly 160,000 alumni worldwide: reconnecting those who've been away for decades, cementing strong ties with active alums, and building a pipeline to recent grads. 

Duke turned to Horizon for a creative solution, and we responded 

with the "Thank You Chair". 

Working with Duke's exceptional fundraising team, Horizon designed and built a mobile dorm room, the focal point of which is the "Thank You Chair".

We took this set "on tour" throughout Duke's storied campus: in front of the Chapel. Inside a library reading room. Outside the stunning West Union. It drew quite a bit of attention!  We invited the students who occupy these spaces to pause from their busy college lives, sit in the chair, and deliver a heartfelt, humorous, and personal "thank you" to the donors who help to make their Duke experience possible. 

The Thank You Chair gave a fresh and unique angle to an age-old concept. It brought alumni face to face with their younger selves, rekindled a feeling of camaraderie, and reminded them of all the things that make Duke special. That sense of connection is what drives donations.  So, we're counting the Thank You Chair as yet another big win for Duke...and for Horizon, too.


                       You can see one of the videos here.