Here, There, Everywhere!

In recent weeks, the Horizon video production crew has been working hard at locations across both North and South Carolina.  And the topics for the various shoots have ranged from peer-to-peer legal advice clips (Lawyers Mutual) to broadcast commercials (Affordable Care) to technology manufacturing facilities examples (Lenovo) to, last but not least, Change Management e-Learning resources (biogen idec).

And the locations?  Well, Horizon has been creating new video footage in Charlotte, Whitset, Morrisville, and Durham, NC not to mention Rock Hill, SC. 

For each project, our team identifies the best location, coordinates any on-screen talent needed, packs up all required gear, and manages all on-site production activites.  With 30 years of video production experiece, from tapings across the globe, we have the experience to ensure any size production is well-planned and well-executed.

One reason we love what we do? 

The opportunity to collaborate with such a range of Clients and their respective fields of expertise. 

For example, in a recent taping for biogen idec, we used our in-house studio to create a pristine, open white background for the hosted sections of an e-Learning solution about Change Management.  Purchased stock video of trains will be incorporated with the new studio footage as part of the final video.  [This is an example of how we can use various video footage resources you have or that are stock footage to leverage budgets and decrease timelines.]  Use of the white background in studio allows for special effects and on-screen graphics to be added later in post-production.   The visual special effects will be further enhanced by sound effects added during the sound design phase. 


Those many projects alluded to at the start of this posting?  Well, you'll see them in a national sales kick-off meeting event, on your television during a commercial break, on line as part of e-Learning training, and of course, on your phone while cruizing websites. 

See you on location!