Extreme Makeover: Horizon Edition

The TV show’s “Extreme Makeover” bus isn’t in the parking lot at Fayetteville Road in Durham, but the parking lot is full of crew and trucks as the Horizon remodel gets underway.  Tape markings on the floor indicate where walls are coming down… or going up.  And electricians, audio technologists, and other specialists are working together as the plans for the new video and audio recording studios are put into motion.







Among the kick off activities was a review and storing of “vintage” video production equipment.  Video production buffs may even get a bit misty at the sight of old BETA machines and reel-to-reel equipment.  What was once core post-production equipment is today’s prop for “historical” video shoots.



Meanwhile, all of the current video production gear was inventoried and moved for continued access during the construction.









The video studio has been completed cleared to make way for the ceiling reinforcements, sound proofing, lighting grid and other planned customized changes. 









And back at the reception area… the desk, floor, and walls are all marked for their remodel.  The curved desk and wood floors will one day soon be completed replaced and updated.  (But worry not, the candy jar will keep its place to always be ready to greet Horizon’s visitors!)











With 8,000 square feet of production and collaboration space to update, the Horizon remodel will continue into 2013 as rooms are transformed, walls moved, and studios built. 

Stay tuned for updates!