Duke Annual Fund13 Animation

Duke University's Annual Fund hired Horizon Productions to build an appreciation piece for their loyal supporters and contributors.  Using images available from the University’s archives and a supporting music track, Horizon Production’s team created a custom animation that brought dimension to historical photos. Images of Duke University’s milestones and historical buildings are woven together to show how contributions to the Annual Fund have long helped the University improve lives and educate future generations. 

The video is shown below in addition to being on Duke Annual Fund’s YouTube Channel.


Creating a map through the famous architecture and grounds was fun. The creative challenge came in representing each of the university's eight undergraduate schools while reflecting the energy and potential of students and the history of the campus.


Learn more about Duke Annual Fund at: http://dukeforward.duke.edu/

Want to know more about the animation technique used to add depth to static photos?  Contact Horizon’s Project Manager, Megan Bell to learn more and how this technique may help your organization bring life to existing historical photos.