Does Your Small Business Use the Power of Video?

Take this quick Small Business Marketing Quiz:


1) Do you have satisfied customers?

2) Do you have owners and/or employees who can speak to your business’s values and service?

3) Do you have quality services that your potential customers should know about today?

4) Do you have videos that will increase customer interaction on your website?


Ah, you probably answered yes to our first three questions…but what was your answer to that last one? 

Your small business has marketing assets all around; you can use video to leverage those assets and build out your marketing efforts.  And, the more people that know of your awesome small business, the higher your revenue potential.

Horizon Productions doesn’t just work with Fortune 100 companies; we also collaborate with area Small Businesses to help them connect with their customers.  A recent example is Horizon’s client, the family owned and operated Apex Marble and Granite in Apex, NC. The Horizon team created a series of videos that incorporate Apex Marble and Granite customer testimonials, studio tours, service overviews, and on-site kitchen installation examples.

In a series of on location shoots at Apex Marble’s facilities and in a residential house where a granite installation was completed, the Horizon team captured video footage that was later used to create a series of video. We’re sharing just one of a multiple title video series that Apex Marble and Granite can use on their website, their YouTube channel, in their show room, and in sales presentations, not to mention demonstrations and tradeshow events.

So, Small Business Owners – what videos do you have that help attract new customers and retain existing? Contact Horizon Productions and let’s create your video marketing plan today.

More Information:

Horizon Contact:
Megan R. Bell
Dir. of Business Development and Project Manager
megan@horizonvp.com | 919.941.0901

Apex Marble and Granite:
10315 Chapel Hill Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 462-9202