Meet Daniel Our Director of Photography

Meet Daniel Our Director of Photography

What do you call the person who combines a love of light (photophilia) with a passion for puzzles (enigmatology)?  Around Horizon, we call him Daniel Rego.

Daniel is our Director of Photography (DP): the guy with a knack for finding a story’s most intriguing angles through the lens of his camera. 

A Chapel Hill native, Daniel started his filmmaking career studying at Boston’s prestigious Emerson College.  His sense of wonder - and wander - took him to the majestic landscapes of Hawaii before he landed back at UNC to finish his degree, nabbing a minor in screenwriting along the way.  It was here that Daniel found a group of fellow aspiring filmmakers who helped him appreciate the power of collaborative storytelling:  “I realized how a group of creative people working together can create something that’s bigger than any one person,” he says.

The more time Daniel spent behind a camera, the more he came to appreciate the nuanced power of light to elicit mood and authenticity in the images he captures.  He’s still fascinated by lens flares and other creative uses of light in his craft…and this adds a level of artistry to his work for Horizon’s clients.   He’s also drawn to films that make you think – from James Bond and Jason Bourne to Christopher Nolan movies, Daniel loves a good story that’s also a great puzzle.

At Horizon, Daniel is taking his love of visual storytelling in new directions: virtual reality (Daniel calls  it the ‘wild west’ of filmmaking), drone photography (he's a licensed drone pilot) and, under the tutelage of Horizon’s talented Tim Finkbiner, discovering new ways that polished lighting and state-of-the-art cameras enhance the videos we create.

Creative storytelling is in Daniel’s genes – he and his dad have just submitted an entry to a 1-hour screenwriting contest. And, he’s an amateur artist in his free time, painting landscapes from his photos.  At Horizon, we understand that the space between shadow and light is often where the best visual stories are waiting to be told. Daniel Rego is there with his camera, ready to capture them.