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About a year ago, I posted the Horizon blog story about our work with the UNC Highway Research Center and Toole Design to create the Pedestrian Safer Journey series for the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Pedestrian Safer Journey project includes custom animation and video specifically targeted for Elementary, Middle, and High School students across the country.

The positive feedback from educators for Pedestrian Safer Journey was a great foundation for the next phase of the project: Bicycling Safer Journey.

Now available in both English and Spanish, the Bicycling Safer Journey series has specific animations and videos for Elementary, Middle, and High School student audiences. As with the Pedestrian series, Horizon Productions collaborated closely with Subject Matter Experts from the UNC Highway Safety Research Center and the Toole Design Group during development.

Horizon Productions is especially proud of these completed videos and the help they provide to kids and caretakers across the country. Thank you to our collaborators at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center and the Toole Design Group! 






And please help share this important educational resource with your friends, neighbors, educators, and caregivers: www.pedbikeinfo.org/bicyclesaferjourney

We welcome your feedback on the videos available at both Pedestrian Safer Journey and Bicycle Safer Journey; use my contact information below to let us know what you think.

Or, if you have an educational media or grant-funded project that would benefit from animation or video, contact me so that we can provide you with a consultation.

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And special thanks to the U.S. Department for Transportation for funding this important national educational resource!