BBT Mortgage Series

Buying a house can be a daunting proposition. It can also be a dream come true… if you understand what a home mortgage is and how the process to get one works.









BB&T selected Horizon Productions to create a series of motion graphics to help customers understand home mortgages. The resulting series uses a custom animated character, affectionately called by the design team, “The Dude,” to explain all sides of a typical home mortgage. Each motion graphic focuses on a specific aspect as The Dude prepares for, applies for, and gets his home mortgage.









The titles include:

All of the Mortgage motion graphic videos are available on BB&T’s website and YouTube channel. Screen stills intertwine with stock photos, custom icons, sound effects, and our friend, The Dude.  In fact, an animated stick figure is a great way to add personality to financial topics while still keeping the focus on the facts.



Throughout the series, core visual elements are used to support the content while also incorporating the BB&T brand. For example, you’ll see the same “dream house” 3D model across all of the motion graphic videos. As additional topics are added to the series, visual elements (icons, graphics) can be reused to manage project costs and to comply to the series’ design standards.

Additionally, each video has also been translated into Spanish for the convenience of customers. The Spanish videos are available on BB&T’s Spanish site and YouTube channel. 

Our thanks to the BB&T for the opportunity to work with them on the Mortgage series!

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Horizon project contact: Megan R. Bell, MPM, PMP | 919.941.0901 | megan@horizonvp.com