BB&T Mobile Checking App animation

From concept, to script, to voice talent casting, to visual design -- the new animation for BB&T's Mobile Checking app feature was a collaboration with Horizon's team and BB&T Mobile Services team from day one.  The project goal was to create a 60-90 second spot that highlights the new check deposit feature and the benefits it provides to customers. 



Our first step was to LOOK at examples of communication pieces focused on mobile banking, mobile check apps, and mobile check deposits from financial companies.  The mobile marketplace is very crowded, and making an impression while being true to one's brand is a challenge. 

Horizon reviewed the identified examples with our BB&T Clients.  We discussed which examples worked, and why;  we also talked about which examples didn't work and why. 

Then, our team stopped to LISTEN to our BB&T Clients -- we clarified their primary messaging, their desired overall tone, and how to incorporate their brand into the final peice. 

The script was written and reviewed by the combined teams.  Feedback was incorporated into the final piece, and with the approved script, the Creative Brief was issued.  During the production of the custom animation, Horizon incorporated stock video with Client provided images and new custom graphics to create the media.  The narration provided the pacing for the animation.  With the animation work done, the Horizon's Sound Designer wove together sound effects, narration, and music to create a soundtrack that further enhanced the overall tone and messaging.

Those final steps?  The Horizon team used each round of Client feedback to LEARN what was needed and made revisions to fit. 

You can enjoy the completed piece on the BB&T webpage for Mobile Check Deposits

Our thanks to BB&T for this great project opportunity!