A Day In The Life

After a typical commute on ol’ 540 and I-40, I arrive in the newly remodeled Horizon Productions studio on Fayetteville Road in Durham.

Office Manager Extraordinaire Brenda greets me and we compare observation notes on the flock of geese that have made roost in our parking lot over recent weeks. Quick email check is followed by printing an updated script for animation we are creating for a financial client.

Audio Guru Ben sets up the studio for me to record the new script. He magically corrects my misread so that the file is ready for John the Super Animator to work within the media. Did I mention that we recorded in the booth adjacent to where Audio Master Brian was putting final touches on the sound mix for a documentary headed to PBS for broadcast?

Post Production Jedi Knight Tim is editing the documentary with DC based Journey Films. Down the hall from the audio production, Award Winning Cinematographer Jason F (not to be confused with our other Jasons on staff) is setting up the studio for an afternoon still photography session of a Client’s proprietary medical equipment. The still photos will be used in a custom 3D product animation for both a tradeshow booth and their website.

I find Kirk, Super Star Director and Designer, to review the edit schedule for another Client’s CEO video interview piece. A quick check of the clock, and back to the desk to finish up a presentation for a coming pitch to a new Client; I use the online portfolio to identify clips for the meeting.

Next a meeting with Horizon’s Fantastic Founder, Donna, and Production Manager Professional Steve, to review a federal RFP document. As a HUB/Woman Owned Certified business, we qualify for targeted government projects. Steve shared insight from a multi-episode project for the Army now underway with the Horizon team and how that proposal was structured.

Lunch is with a new contact made through the NC Project Management Institute (NC PMI) Communications Community of Practice. We talk about various networking groups in the area.

In the afternoon, I meet with Wonderful Writer and Director Dan and Graphics Jedi Kevin to review footage sent from a Client’s Denmark studio; we discuss how effects can be added in post-production. Meanwhile, Animator Champ Mark and I receive approval from a local Client (a technology hardware company) for a video piece that was created in about seven days from proposal approval to final file. Plus, the Client requests a proposal for more videos to add to a series.

Tarheel WebMaster Jason C stops by to review the status of a content survey we issued to help another Client identify core messages and required functionality for a new website. The global nature of the company – both in office locations and services provided – will shape how content is written and organized.

Headed back to the design area, I get a sneak peek at 3D animations for a software company that Terrific and Talented Taka is creating before he completes color correction for a marketing video being used as part of a QR code promotion.

The late afternoon includes posting the most updated design comps from Visual Master Jason McG. Using our project collaboration site, I’m able to share the designs for Customer Briefing Center lobby art and displays with an industrial Client located up north.

The day nicely wraps up with a call for a video to be shot on location at a headquarters in Cary, NC. Put together the initial notes that will be the foundation for a proposal, then back to I40 for the drive home.

See you at Horizon Productions!