Writer / Director TJ Volgare
TJ Volgare

HE IS: a scholar of all things film. A graduate of USC film school, TJ brings his real world experience and storytelling skills to our neck of the woods.  With that comes inspired filmmaking, inventive choices, and a talent for combining all phases of production – writing, directing and editing – into a seamless, easy process for both clients and the teams he works with.

HE HAS: worked for some true masters of cinema. TJ apprenticed under Terrence Malick to develop his craft, and has cut performance reels for superstars like Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, and Brad Pitt in the process. He has also edited promotional packages for Louis CK and Gary Oldman.  What are you waiting for? Give him your reel, you'll be in good company!

HE DOES: have a rep for being a renaissance man in the truest sense.  He writes novels, plays rock and roll, and leads local archeological digs in his spare time (full disclosure: one of those is not true.)