Sound Recordist / Mixer Sam Costello
Sam Costello

HE IS: that dude with the headphones on. Sam is in charge of recording and capturing sound on all of our shoots, whether in-studio or in a thunderstorm.  Without him, we’re stuck making Charlie Chaplin flicks.  His ears are trained like a superhero to discern between a good take and garbled one, and yes… he can hear your stomach growling. 

HE HAS: been known to tickle the ivories. While at Elon College pursuing his degree in Music Production for the Recording Arts, Sam composed music and designed sound for a number of projects, including his favorite, an Everlast promo that went viral.

HE DOES: know how to let the beat …ummm, drop.  Sam’s an EDM producer who currently records under the name CA$Htello.